The GN Greening Our Communities presentation ‘Building Electrification: The Third Leg of our Fossil Fuel-Free Future’ from November 26, 2018 is available for viewing on NewTV.

This episode discusses heat pumps and split systems for installation in homes, including how they work, common consumer alternatives and available rebate programs.

Link to the video HERE

Presentation Summary:

A heat pump can be an excellent alternative for both heating and cooling your home. In this presentation, Nathan Phillips will discuss the need to electrify the building heating sector. This will also be an opportunity to learn about heat pumps and split systems for installation in homes. You will learn how they work, and what are the most common consumer alternatives from Philip Hanser, who will discuss his own experience with split systems for his home.

Dr. Hanser is a principal of The Brattle Group and has over thirty-five years of consulting and litigation experience in the energy industry. He specializes in regulatory and financial economics, especially for electric and gas utilities. Prior to joining The Brattle Group, he held teaching positions at the University of the Pacific, University of California at Davis, and Columbia University, and served as a guest lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of Chicago.

Nathan Phillips is a Professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University,
and is Director of BU Earth House Living Learning Community. Dr. Phillips’s research has been in areas of climate science, physiological ecology, global change biology, natural gas and infrastructure ecology.